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Wild Hare Floral Co. is HollyAnn Bruns, an incredible wedding florist in Steamboat Springs. When I tell you how beautiful her work is... HollyAnn is a fellow dreamer with a knack for telling stories and weaving multi-sensory experiences into her work. I created a brand that supports the dream-like worlds she creates for her couples. This work blends together storybook-style design and illustration with lush art nouveau details sprinkled in. I’ve been living in this daydream for a few months and I can’t put this book down.

Photo credits coming soon. Big thanks to HollyAnn for trusting me with her story, and inspiring me to make big moves. HollyAnn’s floral work does all the heavy-lifting in this one. Behold.

This project included a full rebrand, custom set of graphic badges, forest creature illustrations, monograms, drop caps, and botanical illustrations, website overhaul, and full suite of social media templates.

Wild Hare Floral Co. is the primary brand. It encompasses all the unique facets of her thoughtful wedding floral design. This part of the brand has a light, airy, colorful presense.

We created a related brand for her Pretty Dead Flowers line. It has the same storybook treatment, but presented as the “moody cousin” of Wild Hare. Both books feel like they are part of a series.

Denver, Colo.

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