Meesh Merlin

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The Great Shout is a pop-up, activist collective founded in 2016 as a reaction to the presidential election. Our group takes on various forms to fit the needs of any given event or moment of outrage; transformations include guerrilla-style performance art shows, spoken word sessions, international postcard dialogue, and increasing the volume of The People at political marches and protests. You can find us shouting loudly atop our single-person soapbox. We pass out “I SHOUTED” stickers to people who yell on top of our stage. Our goal is to encourage activism, dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation. But it mostly exists to blow off steam.
Founding Members
Kelly Monico
Rebecca Peebles
Michelle Merlin
Natascha Seideneck

Performance Art by Andrea Thurber

Denver, Colo.

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