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Thrilled to announce this special project is finally in production, and available for pre-order! The Spectre Tarot deck is a stylish mystic tool with 78 cards, stamped on front-and-back with an iridescent holographic foil. The major arcana illustrations are femme-focused, in a Medieval Glam style.︎This is a rare, prismatic deck that you will want in your collection.

A special thank you to everyone around the world who have sent me emails, messages, DMs expressing your interest in this deck. Your words gave me the inspiration.

︎︎︎ Holographic Tuck Box

︎︎︎ Major Arcana
First designed in 2014, I spent the last couple years updating each illustration, and am finally ready to share it with the world.
I have a lot of grand ideas for expanding this project (with a guidebook, collectible art, custom storage boxes, and other deck editions). Please consider supporting, or sharing with friends.

︎︎︎ Minor Arcana

Denver, Colo.

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