Meesh Merlin
Design. Art. Illustration. Print. 
While working at Ellen Bruss Design, the entire team worked on design details for Hotel BORN, a new hotel in Denver’s Union Station neighborhood. My roles for this project included designing all the in-room printed pieces, plaid pattern design, hunting down the perfect paper stocks and matte gold foil, planning and designing gift shop swag, a custom map to help guests navigate favorite local spots, artist plaques for the hotel’s enormous art collection, and collaborating with Ellen to design custom book covers for a set of bound vintage magazines that occupy the cozy main-floor library.

All photography credited to Ellen Bruss Design.
Ellen Bruss, Creative Director
Ken Garcia, Art Director
Michelle Merlin, Print Design
Rose Chenoweth, Wayfinding
Matt Kistler, Wayfinding
Tiffany Gronski, Production Manager

Denver, Colo.
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